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"... LATCHER will satisfy horror fans ..." – IndieReader


Joanna's inner monsters might not just be in her head...

Joanna spent years trying to forget her previous life. Now a promising writer, her future looks bright. But when her estranged twin sister contacts her to explain their abusive mother is missing, Jo must return to her hometown to confront her terrible past.

While investigating her mother's whereabouts, Jo and her sister become stranded and are forced deep into a dark forest, pursued by a pure evil that stalks them. To survive this homecoming reunion, Jo must untangle the secrets that have plagued her family for generations and confront the very thing she fears the most, before it forms an attachment.

Latcher is the thrilling story of one woman's fight to escape a past that won't let her go. If you love your horror books with bloody detail, foreboding atmosphere, shocking twists, and enough suspense to swim in, then this book is for you.

Latch on to this book today, and allow yourself to form the attachment.

Available in print, ebook and audiobook.

The Zombie

There's something rotten in her apartment.

A struggling music artist is given a chance to compose the film score that will make or break her career. The only catch? She needs help from the monstrous thing that stalks her from the shadows of her apartment. 


The Man Behind Me

Leo can't see him.
Everyone else can.

With a critical deadline looming, an anxiety-riddled copywriter must find a way to escape the man behind him before he loses everything. 

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