"... LATCHER will satisfy horror fans ..." – IndieReader


One woman's journey to escape a past that won't let her go.

When her abusive mother goes missing, Joanna Smith sees an opportunity to lay the past and the inner monsters that still haunt her to rest. But while en route to investigate her mother's whereabouts, Jo and her sister, Amanda, become stranded and are forced to journey into a forest that grows stranger and deadlier the closer they get to the house they grew up in. To survive this homecoming reunion, Jo must untangle herself from secrets that have plagued her family for generations as she faces a skin-crawling possibility: Her inner monsters might not just be in her head.

Available in print, ebook and audiobook.
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The Zombie

There's something rotten in her apartment.

A struggling music artist is given a chance to compose the film score that will make or break her career. The only catch? She needs help from the monstrous thing that stalks her from the shadows of her apartment.