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Hello? Oh hi.

My name is Mike Dineen, I'm a storyteller and this is my world. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter for thoughtful essays on the human experience, quirky videos that'll make you laugh and go hmmm, and – my first love – dark, psychological fiction.

From the psychological to the supernatural, my dark fiction will transport you to a world where your inner monsters are your greatest discovery.


Witness the ongoing journey of a shy, introverted writer into a hilarious, storytelling showstopper. 

Exploring the whole self with weekly (sometimes biweekly) essays on the human experience. I also record these as an audio podcast.


About Mike

I call myself a full-time storyteller because I work in advertising by day, write novels by night, and somewhere in between all of that I'm building Mike's World, a place to scream, laugh and muse about horror, humour and human experience.

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