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Welcome to the story slut

Updated: May 26, 2023

Dark film reviews, dark fiction reviews

Reviews, Critiques and Lusty Insights

I’ve been quiet about this for long enough, but I can’t hide it any longer. I’m a slut for dark film and fiction.

We all have that one thing that hits the spot in our souls. For me—and maybe for you too—it’s dark film and fiction. I might be a shy, introverty dude in every other aspect of life, but when it comes to the movies and books I love, I’m a slut and not ashamed.

Sorry ‘bout it.

At the Story Slut, I do reviews and critiques of horror, scary sci-fi, tense thrillers, dark dramas and anything that makes me sweat. What works and what doesn't work in the story? I'll be answering these questions from the perspective of a storyteller, nerdily dissecting everything I review in terms of story structure, characterization, world-building, etc. I’m also fascinated by people and becoming a master at all I do, so trust these reviews are gonna make you wanna go deep inside yourself.

So stick around and embrace your passion for dark film and fiction, you big slut.

This is gonna be fun.

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