• Mike Dineen

Intro to Side Hustle Author | How to fit novel writing into your full-time life

It's simultaneously true that there isn't one way to write a book and there's only one way to write a book.

You have to write it.

And writing a book is possible.

I mean, of course it is. But there’s probably a voice inside your head telling you it’s not possible, that you don't have time or energy because of your full-time job, or that you don't know what the hell you're doing. I know that because I had that same voice nagging at me until I sat down at my computer and proved it wrong. That voice got even louder as I was writing my first book—so loud, I couldn’t not hear it.

Every day for fifteen months the voice nagged at me—which is how long it took me to write and publish my first book.

And while it is indeed possible to be a side hustle author, it’s not easy. Writing a book, whether you have a day job or not, will always be a challenge. That’s why it’s such a thing to accomplish. That’s why, when you accomplish it, people you haven’t spoken to in years will emerge from wherever and congratulate you.

Through the course of this series of blog posts, I’ll go into detail about how I wrote and published my first commercial novel in a period of fifteen months, while still successfully working my nine-to-five day job as an ad agency copywriter. I’ll go through all the tools I used, the strategies I used to make this happen, and a ton of tips you’ll find useful.

While this blog series is a practical resource, it’s also a personal story because I don’t believe that there’s one way to go about things. We each have individual strengths and weaknesses, and the personal tidbits included throughout this series are there not only to make it narrative, but to remind you that you, too, are an individual and you have to find your own way from the frontlines to the finish line, as I did.

But no matter what, keep this in the forefront of your mind, write it on the wall, stick it to your fridge:

Writing a book is possible.

And I'll show you how.