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Available in print, ebook and audiobook.

Joanna spent years trying to forget her previous life. Now a promising writer, her future looks bright. But when her estranged twin sister contacts her to explain their abusive mother is missing, Jo must return to her hometown to confront her terrible past.

While investigating her mother's whereabouts, Jo and her sister become stranded and are forced deep into a dark forest, pursued by a pure evil that stalks them. To survive this homecoming reunion, Jo must untangle the secrets that have plagued her family for generations and confront the very thing she fears the most, before it forms an attachment.

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The story was absolutely fantastic, and the horrors that Dineen dredges up are actually terrifying, when they're finally revealed. It's been an awfully long time since someone gave me a monster that actually was original, and nasty. Dineen delivers.

Tobin Elliott, Author of THE APHOTIC Series

Chockful of gory detail, eerie family secrets, and menacing entities, author Mike Dineen's LATCHER will satisfy horror fans with its fast-paced action and gutsy protagonist who is as formidable as the evil stalking her


An intensely dark and frightening look at the familial ties that bind us and the darkness that can attach itself to our very souls.

Reedsy Discovery

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